Teaching and Supervision


  1. Dmytro Meshcheriakov Non-linear simulations of internal plasma instabilities. Postdoctoral Researcher (1/2018 till 09/2018)

  2. Vinodh Bandaru Non-linear simulations of natural and mitigated disruptions including Runaway Electron dynamics. Postdoctoral Researcher (since 10/2016)
    EUROfusion Researcher Grant (01/2018 till 12/2019).

  3. Francois Orain ELM dynamics and ELM control by RMPs: towards quantitative comparisons of non-linear modeling with experiments. Postdoctoral Researcher (02/2015 till 12/2017)
    EUROfusion Researcher Grant (01/2016 till 12/2017).

PhD Students

  1. Andres Cathey Working title: Simulations of realistic full ELM-cycles and inter-ELM activity. Technical University Munich, Germany (since 11/2017).

  2. Javier Artola Working title: Non-linear simulations of vertical kick ELM triggering and of vertical plasma instabilities. Marseille University (since 2015) – co-supervision

  3. [Thesis] Isabel Krebs 3D Nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Macroscopic Internal Instabilities in Tokamak Plasmas. Technical University Munich, Germany (finished 08/2017). [Document at TU Munich] – only co-supervision; Work conducted within the "Max Planck Princeton Research Center for Plasma Physics" both at IPP Garching and Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)

Master Students

  1. Fabian Wieschollek Working title: Non-linear simulations of mode locking and disruption onset in tokamaks. Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany (starting 03/2018).

  2. [Thesis] Isabel Krebs Non-Linear reduced MHD Simulations of Edge-Localized Modes in Realistic ASDEX Upgrade Geometry. Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany (finished 09/2012).

Bachelor Students

  1. Felix Neumann Working title: Simulations of edge localized modes in tokamak H-mode plasmas with high mode numbers. Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany (starting 04/2018).

  2. Lukas Krumpeck Working title: Transport induced by polarization drift in tokamak plasmas with 3D error fields. Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany (starting 04/2018).

  3. [Thesis] Nina Schwarz Towards the self-consistent implementation of active and passive coils for non-linear magnetohydrodynamic simulations of tokamak plasmas. Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany (finished 07/2017)

Working Students and Interns

  1. Andrea Alejandra Gonzalez Galvan (2018, 6 weeks)

  2. Richard Nies (2018, 2 months)

  3. Fabian Wieschollek (2018, 2 months)

  4. Gerard Oosterwegel (2017/18, 2 months)

  5. Nina Schwarz (2017, 2 months)

  6. Derya Taray (2014-2016, 12 months in part time)

  7. Nina Wenke (2013, 3 months)

  8. Christian Meggle (2011, 6 weeks)

  9. Isabel Krebs (2010, 2 months)

  10. Gerd Meisl (2009, 6 weeks)

Lectures and Tutorials

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